We were discussing events that occurred in Genesis 32 regarding Jacob traveling back to his homeland. We are told that as he was on his way he (Jacob) was met by the Angels of God, or God's Host. He was so struck by this that he named the area Mahanaim or Two Hosts. We see in verses 9 and 10 that Jacob remembers God's word to him to return to his country and his kindred and God would deal well with him. He acknowledges how God had blessed him. However, throughout this chapter we see he falls back on his own strength to deal with his impending meeting with his brother Esau. How different might his witness have been to his 11 sons (future leaders of the 12 tribes) his 2 wives and all his servants had he simply trusted in God's promise and said lets go forward in faith not fear.  Hmmmmm could there be application for my own life?      ..........Larry