We enjoyed a very good teaching today on the "Kinsman Redeemer". The Go El or Kinsman Redeemer is one who delivers or rescues. The Go El is a male relative who is privileged to act on behalf of a relative who is in need. The book of Ruth illustrates very clearly the concept of a Kinsman Redeemer. In Chapteer 3 we see Ruth, clearly in need and unable to rescue herself (and take care of Naomi). She Requests of Boaz (Kinsman Redeemer) that he cover her with his protection, redeem her and make her his wife. In this same way, Our Lord Jesus  has bought us for Himself, out of our destitution and sin, and has made us His own bride. He has blessed us for all generations. Jesus is the true "Kinsman Redeemer" of all who call on Him in faith.  ................Larry