"There are many chains which enslave the preacher. His very tenderness makes him weak. His attachments to the people tend to bring him into bondage. His personal encounters, his obligations to his people, his love for them, all tend to hamper his freedom and restrain his pulpit deliverances. What great need to be continually praying for boldness to speak boldly as he ought to speak.!

The prophets of old were charged not to be afraid of the faces of men. Unawed by the frowns of men, they were to declare the truth of God without apology, timidity, hesitancy or compromise. The warmth and freedom of conviction and of sincerity, the fearlessness of a vigorous faith, and above all the power of the Holy Spirit, are all wonderful helpers and elements of boldness. How this should be coveted and sought with all eagerness by ministers of the gospel in this day!"    E.M. Bounds

We, who are 'Ministers of the Gospel' in this day, must encourage daily, rebuke when necessary, and most importantly pray and then pray some more.  Pray that the full armor of God be worn and the enemy rendered ineffective in each others lives........Larry